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Product Name and NumberQuantityUnit PriceAmount
Coffee+Bean+Light-Organic: ORG-8622.60 CAD22.60 CAD
Soya+Nut-Roasted+No+Salt-Organic: ORG-2373.15 CAD3.15 CAD
Couscous-Whole+Wheat-Organic: ORG-1648.24 CAD8.24 CAD
Unscented+Pure+Castille+Liquid+Soap: BON-0320.15 CAD20.15 CAD
Ginger-crystallized+chunks+organic: ORG-60011.99 CAD11.99 CAD
Wild+Rice+Penne-Organic: ORG-2704.99 CAD4.99 CAD
Lentils+-+Red-Organic: ORG-3110.73 CAD10.73 CAD
Apricots-Dried-Organic: ORG-9341.16 CAD41.16 CAD
Apricots-Dried-Organic: ORG-9216.46 CAD16.46 CAD
Onion+soup+base+concentrate: ELP-6913.09 CAD13.09 CAD
Cream+of+rice+with+apple/cinnamon+cereal: ELP-856.25 CAD6.25 CAD
White+Basmati+Rice-Organic: ORG-3365.55 CAD5.55 CAD
Honey`d+corn+flakes: NAP-1712.99 CAD12.99 CAD
Tomato+soup+base+concentrate: ELP-637.92 CAD7.92 CAD
Cream+of+brown+rice+cereal: ELP-815.69 CAD5.69 CAD
Apple+Cider+Vinegar: X96.50 CAD6.50 CAD
Wheat+Free+bread+mix: CEL-109.75 CAD9.75 CAD
Sunflower+Seeds-Raw/No+Salt-Organic: ORG-3663.79 CAD3.79 CAD
Wild+Rice+Spaghetti-Organic: ORG-2624.99 CAD4.99 CAD
Coconut+vinegar+-+balsamic+style: X717.15 CAD17.15 CAD
Lentils+-+Green-Organic: ORG-274.60 CAD4.60 CAD
Chicken+soup+base+concentrate: ELP-5912.99 CAD12.99 CAD
Chicken+broth+-+organic+-+free+range+-+low+sodium: CHI-025.19 CAD5.19 CAD
Whole+Grain+All+Purpose+Spelt+Flour-Organic: ORG-1443.64 CAD3.64 CAD
Unscented+Pure+Castille+Liquid+Soap: BON-0212.99 CAD12.99 CAD
Cranberries-Dried-Organic: ORG-9512.35 CAD12.35 CAD
Spelt+Flake-Organic: ORG-20116.00 CAD16.00 CAD
Walnut+Pieces-Raw/No+Salt-Organic: ORG-24123.39 CAD23.39 CAD
Coconut+vinegar+-+with+garlic: X411.55 CAD11.55 CAD
Apple+Cider+Vinegar: X1134.25 CAD34.25 CAD
Coconut+vinegar+-+with+coconut+syrup: X614.60 CAD14.60 CAD
Coconut+vinegar+-+with+coconut+syrup: X614.60 CAD14.60 CAD
Walnut+Pieces-Raw/No+Salt-Organic: ORG-23911.70 CAD11.70 CAD
Thompson+Raisin-Organic: ORG-10810.26 CAD10.26 CAD
Prunes-Dried/Pitted-Organic: ORG-1009.16 CAD9.16 CAD
Coconut+Vinegar+-+classic: X311.75 CAD11.75 CAD
Quinoa-Organic: ORG-1837.37 CAD7.37 CAD
Cream+of+white+rice+cereal: ELP-775.99 CAD5.99 CAD
Unbleached+All+Purpose+Spelt+Flour-Organic: ORG-1419.38 CAD9.38 CAD
Sultana+Raisin-Organic: ORG-10522.68 CAD22.68 CAD
Coconut+vinegar+-+chili+&+ginger: X811.55 CAD11.55 CAD
Honey`d+corn+flakes: NAP-156.99 CAD6.99 CAD
Honey`d+corn+flakes: NAP-156.99 CAD6.99 CAD
Subtotal *$513.11 CAD

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